Do Drug Addicts Donate Plasma?

Posted Jun 4, 2022

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I've met several addicts who donate plasma during my time in addiction. I always thought it was strange that a person with drugs in their system would be allowed to do so. This article takes a look at why addicts donate plasma.

Some drug addicts donate plasma to help support their addictions. Plasma banks pay between $50 and $70 per appointment. The money that an addict receives from donating plasma is used to purchase drugs to satisfy their habit.

Why Drug Addicts Donate Plasma

Drug habits are expensive and hard work to maintain. If an addict is unable to hold down a legitimate job, they are forced to come up with other ways of making money to support their drug use.

Plasma donation is one such method that addicts may utilize to make money. Here are three things that make plasma donation appealing to an addict in need of cash.

  1. Quick & Easy - Most donation centers do not require an appointment. So once an addict has located a plasma center, they can simply show up and donate. Donation takes between 45 and 60 minutes. After that, they are paid and free to leave.

  2. Legal - Addicts are used to doing all sorts of illegal things to make money. Getting arrested is one of the risks associated with drug addiction. With plasma donation, an addict has peace of mind knowing that they aren't doing anything illegal.

  3. Money - The only reason that an addict would donate money is to get paid. Plasma donation comes with the promise of guaranteed money at the end of an appointment.

We engage in all sorts of shady behaviors to make money when battling addiction. Plasma donation is quick, easy, and legal, which is very appealing to an addict who is hard up for cash.

How Much Money Addicts Make from Donating Plasma

The average payment for a plasma donation is between $50 and $70. This is not a huge amount of money, and for some addicts, this may barely cover the cost of a full day's worth of drugs.

However, for someone in a jam, who needs some quick cash to score drugs, $50 to $75 will do the trick.

Plasma donation is mostly used to supplement an addict's income. Due to the amount of money paid for donations and the limits on how often a person can donate. It would be nearly impossible to support a drug addiction solely by donating plasma.

That is why plasma donation is often just one of several hustles that an addict employs to help pay for their drug addiction.


Some drug addicts donate plasma to help support their drug habits. Donating plasma is an appealing option for an addict in need of fast cash because it is easy to do, legal, and offers guaranteed money.

The amount of money an addict makes donating plasma is between $50 and $75. This is enough to pay for about a full day's worth of drugs depending on an addict's tolerance.

There are limits placed on the frequency that one can donate plasma. It would be very to difficult to fully support a drug addiction with plasma donation alone. That is why addicts mostly use plasma donation as a supplementary form of income.

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